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Asia Pacific Knee Society (APKS) was founded by Emeritus

Professor Tomihisa Koshino, Yokohama City University in 2000, in pursuit of furthering scientific achievement and techniques in knee surgery into the 21st Century. 

He served as inaugural congress president at the First Congress of the Asia Pacific Knee Society, combined with the 25th Congress of the Japanese Knee Society, at Toshi Center in Tokyo from 18-20 February, 2000. 

His main aim for the congress was to provide a lot of meaningful opportunities for the surgeons from the Asia Pacific region to engage in deep face-to-face discussions of knee disorders and treatment.  With more than 250 papers from 14 counties presented, the congress provided exciting sessions and exhibitions that were fruitful for all participants.

Since then, the APKS congress has been held biennially in variety of Asia Pacific countries, hosted by prominent knee surgeons. Thanks to all the past presidents, organizers, delegates and participants, the APKS has become one of the international indices for knee surgeons in Asia. And the legacy continues.

 Relationship with APOA Presidents 

The APKS is a de facto knee section of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA). Therefore, the president of the APKS automatically becomes the de facto chairman of the APOA knee section.

 Presidents                                                               Congress 

2000-2002                 Tomihisa Koshino                     Japan                1st Congress of APKS, Tokyo (Japan) in 2000

2002-2004                 Hwa-Chang Liu                         Taiwan              2nd Congress of APKS, Taipei (Taiwan) in 2002

2004-2006                 Mahmut Nedim Doral             Turkey           3rd Congress of APKS, Istanbul (Turkey) in 2004

2006-2008                 Dae Kyung Bae                          Korea               4th Congress of APKS, Seoul (Korea) in 2006

2008-2010                 Fachry Ambia Tandjung           Indonesia        5th Congress of APKS, Bali (Indonesia) in 2008

2010-2012                 Chyun- Yu Yang                         Taiwan             6th Congress of APKS, Taipei (Taiwan) in 2010

2012-2014                 Ashok Johari                              India                7th Congress of APKS, New Delhi (India) in 2012

2014-2016                 Aree Tanavalee                         Thailand          8th Congress of APKS, Phuket (Thailand) in 2014

2016-2018                 Tomoyuki Saito                         Japan               9th Congress of APKS, Yokohama (Japan) in 2016

2018-2019                 Eun Kyoo Song                          Korea           10th Congress of APKS, Gwangju (Korea) in 2018

 President-Elect                                                       Future Congress 

2019-2021                 Nicolaas Budhiparama            Indonesia        11th Congress of APKS, Indonesia in 2019

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